Absolute EPM's 5D Methodology


The primary objectives of the define phase is to successfully set out the project roadmap, scope, business/technical requirements and key business objectives of the new solution. A proven approach will be used to capture the information with the end goal being that both the business and project implementation team understand both the functional and technical requirements prior to moving into the design phase.


This phase matches the technology features and capabilities to the detailed business requirements through prototyping and design workshops. The key output from this phase is the Technical Design Specification and the Application Setup Documentation, there will also be a prototype developed that the users would have seen and accepted prior to starting build


This phase is where the development of the application as per the system design takes place. One of the key components though is that throughout the phase there is regular business review and acceptance back to the agreed requirements.


This is where the users are delivered an application ready for them to train on, test and accept based on the business core objectives. This is carried out by the execution of the test plan such that the application matches the business requirements and objectives.


This phase is where the application is finally released into production and post-project support is provided to enable a smooth user transition.

Throughout the process there is continuous business
review and acceptance back to agreed requirements