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The founders of Absolute EPM have over 20 years of experience in providing performance management solutions


Who we are

The founders of Absolute EPM have over 20 years of experience in providing performance management solutions.

The founders started their careers in finance roles, where they were usually the drivers for improvements in financial processes, which eventually led to their involvement in the delivery of Enterprise Performance Management solutions. From starting out as clients, the founders have then moved on to developing best practices in the implementation of Oracle Hyperion EPM by working directly as implementation consultants for Hyperion and then Oracle.

As well as being highly experienced & vendor certified implementation experts in the software that they deliver, our consultants are also qualified finance professionals.

They are therefore able to provide a strong mix of both technical and functional expertise that maximises the effectiveness of our client engagements.

Our consultants have experience of delivering budgeting and planning solutions in a wide range of industries including, retail, pharmaceuticals, travel, health care services, financial services, engineering, entertainment, media, publishing, professional services, manufacturing and government. We also have experience of delivering projects across the UK, Europe and the US.


Meet The Management Team

Andrew Magill

Andrew is a highly experienced EPM consultant and is a Chartered Management Accountant. He undertook various finance roles in financial services before joining Hyperion Solutions in 2000.

At Hyperion and then Oracle following its acquisition of Hyperion, he worked as an implementation consultant advising, assisting and leading client engagements and providing subject matter leadership to partners.

At Hyperion he was a pioneer in the early days of Hyperion Planning. As a Principal Consultant and the UK domain lead for Hyperion Planning, he was responsible for establishing and disseminating best practice as well as developing and mentoring colleagues.

After 9 years at Hyperion and Oracle he then worked as the Hyperion Capability Lead at a Global SI before founding Absolute EPM.

Anthony Dodds

Anthony is a highly skilled Oracle EPM Professional and Chartered Management Accountant, with a high level of experience in leading and implementing Oracle Hyperion Planning and Essbase in a variety of industries and roles.

Anthony started out within finance and has worked his way up through various finance roles before joining Oracle in 2008. During this time he has on a number of occasions been a driving force behind implementing more streamlined financial management processes.

Within Oracle he worked in the EPM Consulting team as an implementation consultant during which time he established an impressive track record in delivering large EPM solutions into global organisations. Anthony has since worked within one of the big 4 accounting firms and an Oracle Platinum partner before joining Absolute EPM.

With his background as a Chartered Management Accountant he brings together extensive functional and commercial experience and deep technical knowledge of Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle Essbase.

Iain Blanchard

Iain is a skilled Oracle EPM professional with over fifteen years experience of implementing Oracle Hyperion EPM solutions.

After an early career of eight years in commercial accounting and management accounting finance roles, Iain moved into Oracles EPM consulting practice in 2008. Before joining Absolute EPM, he worked as a consultant in one of the big 4 accounting firms, and an Oracle platinum partner.

Combining his finance background with technical knowledge of EPM, he has established a track record of delivering and managing successful, global EPM programs and solutions, for FTSE 100 companies and other clients.


Our Approach


We believe that having the same core team engaged throughout the project is essential to avoid the unnecessary miscommunications
and inefficiencies that can arise from an ever changing team.

Delivering a sustainable solution

Our aim is deliver a solution that delivers real business benefit and a solution that is sustainable, low maintenance and performs to your expectations.
Most importantly we aim to deliver a solution that allows you to focus on your business.

Certified Consultants

The most important commitments from us to you is that we will only provide fully certified implementation experts for your engagement. All of our consultants on joining Absolute EPM are required to pass the required Implementation Certification exams prior to being deployed on site.

Also another important factor is that our lead consultants are required to come from a Finance background and are either qualified Chartered Management Accountants, or come with a vast amount of finance experience and especially in the areas of FP&A.

We won’t over commit & under deliver

Our extensive experience in Oracle Hyperion EPM means that we usually know what works and what doesn’t work, so we are not scared to say no when a particular requirement may risk the success of the overall project.

There will be times when we are not the experts in a particular area, but we will likely be able to approach one of our partners and work with you to find a solution. By taking this approach you will always have the experts on the ground who knows exactly what they doing.

Delivery Framework

Absolute EPM have a proven delivery methodology derived from our experiences of delivering EPM solutions which bring together what we consider to be the best practice framework that can be applied to any implementation.

We also take the approach that on larger projects it is better to deliver in phases, rather than trying to take on the world. This approach realises business benefits earlier and also gets buy in from key stakeholders and budget holders


Absolute EPM's 5D Methodology

Throughout the process there is continuous business review and acceptance back to agreed requirements


Latest Case Studies

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ABSOLUTE EPM About us The founders of Absolute EPM have over 20 years of experience in providing performance management solutions ABOUT Who we are The


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