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Cloud and On Premise solutions for Planning, budgeting and performance management

Our services explained

Our consultants have many years experience implementing EPM solutions for financial planning and analysis across a wide range of industries and functional processes. We can support clients with their EPM solutions by offering the following services:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Project Delivery
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Application Reviews
  • Advisory Reviews
  • Remote Support
Cloud Solutions

Oracle’s market-leading Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) cloud applications enable companies of any size to drive predictable performance, report with confidence and connect the entire organisation.

We can advise the right cloud solution to address the specific challenges you are facing and implement the solution into your business within weeks.

  • Planning and Budgeting Solutions – reduce time in your planning process by 38%, improve forecast accuracy by 12%
  • Financial and Management Reporting – streamline your monthly or quarterly reporting processes, increase collaboration across the organisation.
  • HR Strategic workforce and compensation planning
  • Sales and Marketing planning
  • About to upgrade your existing on premise solution? Move to the cloud, reduce your total cost of ownership and make upgrades a thing of the past.

See our solutions page for more detail

Project Delivery

End to end project delivery is what we do best. It’s where we have gained our experience over the many years we have been working with Hyperion EPM. During this time we have led and successfully delivered projects in small organisations with a rapid delivery time, to large global multi-national corporations, with multiple phases over a number of years. We have also delivered projects in countries all over Europe and the US. We have also used our on-premise experience in delivering cloud solutions in days rather than weeks.

Over the years we have adopted a standard framework to our full lifecycle project delivery. This framework brings together standard IT project methodology with our own input into how to successfully deliver these products and meet your core objectives.

Performance Optimisation

If your current solution is not meeting your performance expectations, then we can help. With years of practical experience delivering and tuning EPM solutions, Absolute EPM have experience in addressing the most common performance issues that organisations face. Many times we have been able to tune applications that have challenged even the “more experienced” consultants. Also with the move to the cloud with Oracle PBCS, it's more important that your application is performing at it's potential.

How about you contact us for a free no obligation one day assessment of your application, where we will assess whether there are any potential improvements that can be made. The assessment will provide you with an estimate of the amount of effort required to achieve those benefits and also the business benefit that will be achieved. If we fail to provide any benefits in the time spent, then you will not be charged.

Application Reviews

If don’t feel that you getting the most out of your solutions or that your application doesn’t support your finance processes very well, then we can help.

Drawing on our many years of experience of delivering successful EPM solutions and using our best practice techniques, we can provide your organisation with a full application review and help you maximise the potential of your current application.

Advisory Reviews

This service allows you to enhance your own in-house development team without necessarily engaging a full time consulting resource and can be tailored to suite your requirements. Drawing on the experience of our consultants we can complement your team and ensure their success by providing the following:

  • Quality assurance check points at key milestones:
  • Mentor and coach the team by:
  • sharing relevant experiences
  • evaluating alternative approaches
  • advising on best practice methods and techniques
  • providing technical know-how
  • alerting the team to sub-optimal ways
  • alert the team before you take a dead end road
Remote Support

Supplement your in house teams skills with expert knowledge, or even have your EPM solution fully administered using our support service.

Save time and eliminate risk from the on-going operation and evolution of your EPM solution.

  • Support for your administrators on how to incorporate those significant business changes into your application, such as the acquisition of a new company, changing your chart of accounts, or adding a new global reporting currency
  • Proactive advice on the latest updates and features in the cloud as they are released and the impact on your application
  • Can't quite get the calculation for that new key performance indicator to work? Our support team can advise how.
  • Issue analysis and resolution
  • Full administration for your EPM solution

Absolute EPM's 5D Methodology


The primary objectives of the define phase is to successfully set out the project roadmap, scope, business/technical requirements and key business objectives of the new solution. A proven approach will be used to capture the information with the end goal being that both the business and project implementation team understand both the functional and technical requirements prior to moving into the design phase.


This phase matches the technology features and capabilities to the detailed business requirements through prototyping and design workshops. The key output from this phase is the Technical Design Specification and the Application Setup Documentation, there will also be a prototype developed that the users would have seen and accepted prior to starting build


This phase is where the development of the application as per the system design takes place. One of the key components though is that throughout the phase there is regular business review and acceptance back to the agreed requirements.


This is where the users are delivered an application ready for them to train on, test and accept based on the business core objectives. This is carried out by the execution of the test plan such that the application matches the business requirements and objectives.


This phase is where the application is finally released into production and post-project support is provided to enable a smooth user transition.

Throughout the process there is continuous business
review and acceptance back to agreed requirements

A bit about us.

Absolute EPM are UK based specialists in the delivery of Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions for budgeting, planning, forecasting and analysis. We have extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of Oracle Hyperion EPM solutions across a wide range of industries. Absolute EPM are also certified Oracle PBCS experts and have experience in delivering rapid cloud solutions.

As well as being highly experienced & vendor certified implementation experts in the software that they deliver, our consultants are also qualified finance professionals. They are therefore able to provide a strong mix of both technical and functional expertise that maximises the effectiveness of our client engagements.

Our consultants have experience of delivering budgeting and planning solutions in a wide range of industries including, retail, pharmaceuticals, travel, health care services, financial services, engineering, entertainment, media, publishing, professional services, manufacturing and government. We also have experience of delivering projects across the UK, Europe and the US.

Cloud Solutions
Project Delivery
Performance Optimisation
Application Reviews
Advisory Reviews
Remote Support

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