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Which Deployment Model is Best; On-Premise or Cloud?

Today, over four in five UK organisations have formally adopted at least one Cloud service. For those of you about to upgrade to the latest version of On-Premise Planning, have you considered moving to the Cloud instead? Here we discuss the benefits of Cloud Computing and why it should be at the heart of your business…

Key Budgeting Challenges within the Public Sector when Using Excel

Economic austerity, declining tax revenues and increasing debt, has resulted in less money to pay for the full spectrum of government services. Such restricted government funding means there has never been a greater need for public sector organisations to gain a better understanding of the financial focus and precision of their forecasting. Our latest article considers the key budgeting challenges in the public sector when using Excel and how best to solve them.

How Oracle PBCS Can Help Solve Challenges within Construction

According to the latest UN projections, the global population is predicted to hit 9.7 billion in 2050, which means the need for construction labour has never been greater. Yet, while labour productivity has increased 100% in other trades, the past 50 years has seen the construction industry’s labour productivity remain stagnant.

5 Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time to Scrap Excel

With hundreds of thousands of users, Excel is one of the most well-known and popular spreadsheet software tools in the world. Not only is it great for organising and reporting data, but it’s straightforward to use too. On the other hand, when handling large amounts of data, it doesn’t take long to gather far more data than Excel can handle.

ERP vs EPM and its Upcoming Convergence

Managing a business means using a lot of different software, and two very common forms of software used in large enterprises are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Often the two types of software are confused and are thought to be similar in terms of the characteristics they offer, but they are two distinctly separate systems.

Planning and Forecasting isn’t Just Financial

In order to determine and detail your organisation’s long and short term goals, planning and forecasting is a must. As the saying goes “fail to plan… then plan to fail”. This post analyses the process of business planning and forecasting, and how implementing software - that’s generally used for financial planning - can successfully be implemented for non-financial planning too.

Finance is Moving to the Cloud – How and Why?

Have we arrived at the tipping point in the adoption of cloud applications in Finance? By all indications, it appears we have. Which was further validated in the Gartner research report titled ‘Finance Moving to the Cloud: The Steps to Take and the Benefits You Can Expect.’

5 Financial Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

With the technological advances that have been made in recent years, now more than ever, it is crucial for businesses to utilise technology to remain ahead of the curve. The current economic situation, all the uncertainty over Brexit and the weakening of sterling is also putting growing pressure on many businesses to reduce and keep operating costs as low as possible.

It’s Not Just about the Numbers, Stakeholders Want Context

Corporate and management reporting is experiencing significant change in today’s Digital Age. As reported earnings become more volatile, corporate guidance, and the ability for management to clearly explain the quality and sustainability of corporate performance, is more important than ever.